What is TRC-20
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TRC‌-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the TRON blockchain for implementing tokens with the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). It is fully compatible to ERC‌-20.

Ram Tokens (RAMT) Is a TRC-20 Based Crypto Project That Aims To Provide You With A Passive Income Solution Using Your TOKEN Holdings. It Is Based On A New Technological Advancement In The Field Of Blockchain Done By The TRON (TRC-20) Team. With The Help Of Tokens Based On Tron, RAMT Works To Make Transactions Secure And Hassle Free.

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About Ram Tokens

Ram Tokens is bringing the global community together by building the world’s first crypto-based social media network with an ecosystem of decentralized apps powered by its deflationary token.

RAMT sets itself apart from other projects in the crypto-space by providing diverse utility to its deflationary token and incentivizing tokenomics which encourage users to hold it long term. In addition to passive rewards through token redistribution, RAMT holders will be able to receive perks and rewards on the Bonfire ecosystem under development proportional to how much Ram Tokens they hold. Token utility will be based around holding and not transacting. RAMT also has a large and dedicated community, which will help ensure each decentralized application has a large user base upon release.

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Benefits of Using Our Solution

RAMT represents both a dedicated, global cryptocurrency community and a comprehensive vision for a decentralized social media network with an ecosystem of apps to provide utility to token holders.

Enables Swapping Tokens

The TRC20 cryptocurrency tokens can be swapped while using it in the Dapps, which makes the transactions faster. When compared to the transactions that happen in other popular blockchain networks, the cost per transaction is less.

Experienced team

The RAMT team has decades of experience in the software, application development, marketing, and design industries. Our team members have shipped numerous projects to global communities around the world.

Unlimited Access

The users will have unlimited access of data, hence the transfer of data or cryptocurrency can be done without any inconvenience.

Global community

Ram Tokens has more than 32K active users on many platforms like Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The RAMT family keeps adopting new active members every day.

Decentralized Network

Decentralized networks aim to assist in creating a more trusted and inclusive digital environment across everyone, anyone to be able to exchange value without being maximally extractive or monopolistic.

Trusted token

Locked liquidity. Renounced contract. No developer wallet. Majority of tokens distributed amongst the smaller holders. Externally audited. Built on the TRC‌-20, TRON blockchain network.

Roadmap to Success

A strategic plan that defines a goal or desired outcome and includes the major steps or milestones needed to reach it.

June, 2021 Planning
July,2021 Token Deployment
August, 2021 Token Marketing Campaign
September, 2021 Token Launch & Website Launch
November, 2021 Token Pre-Sale
February, 2022 Tier 1 Sold
April, 2022 Tier 2 Sold & App Goes Live

Crowdsale and Token Distribution

Ram Tokens will be the digital utilities that power and incentivize the Crypto ecosystem and platform.
The Ram Tokens provide access to the platform

Ram Tokens
Maximum Supply: 131,680,000,000.000000 RAMT
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